Quality + Price = real value for money

value for money

We never compromise on quality. Never.

Lower prices do not have to mean lower quality. Not ever.

We keep our prices low by being efficient and innovative.

Our network serves the clever consumer who understands that only by eliminating everything that drives prices up can we keep them down. No fancy shops in fancy malls for which you end up paying


We buy in bulk to get the best possible prices for you.

We buy directly from the source. No middlemen to add costs to the price you pay.

We don’t use fancy packaging (which you pay for and then throw in the bin!)

The exact same products you pay premium prices for at supermarkets or health shops are now available locally through a network member in your community or through our website – at prices you may find hard to believe.

Our commitment to quality + affordable prices  = real value for your money.

Should you be interested in becoming an affiliate, earning an income with other benefits, please register here.  You are not required to buy or sell anything become an affiliate! Affiliates simply make others aware of us, using the medium they prefer – whether that’s email, whatsapp or other social media is up to you. They receive a very nice commission when their referred customers place an order. There is no easier and simpler way to earn money from home with no risk whatsoever. Anybody can do it, doesn’t matter whether you’re 16 or 60. No experience or qualifications required. Google has tons of info on how to become a successful affiliate and make a very good living.

Our goal is to have affiliates in every town in South Africa. Join us today!