Pure Pea Protein Concentrate


Our Pea Protein Concentrate is 100% Pure, raw Pea Protein! Non-GMO Certified, with no artificial flavourants, no added sweeteners and no colourants!

NOTE: Product packed in units of 500g 

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Units Price per Unit
1 - 3 R129.00
4 - 5 R124.00
6 - 9 R119.00
10+ R109.00


Our Pea Protein Concentrate is 100% Pure! It has no artificial sweeteners, flavourants or colourants. It contains only the raw pea protein concentrate making it perfect for smoothies! Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.


We get our Pea Protein from a supplier that is NON GMO Certified.

Why Pea protein?

Pea protein digests really easily as it contains no lactose or glutens. This is particularly helpful for people who have severe food allergens. Pea protein has a very similar amino acid profile to Whey Protein, meaning you get all the benefits you would get when drinking whey protein, without the bloating or any of the side effects you get on Whey!

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