Coconut Flour


Coconut flour is made from dried and ground up coconut meat.  It is naturally gluten free, high in fiber and very low in carbs.

NOTE: Product packed in units of 1Kg

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Coconut flour is made from dried and ground up coconut meat. Coconut meat is the rich, inner white lining inside the outer green husk of the coconut. It is gluten free as it does not contain any grains. Coconut flour has become more common as people discover all of its nutritional and other health benefits. It is high in fiber to help with digestion. It has a variety of healthy fats which help your metabolism. Coconut flour is free from wheat and other grains, therefore it is gluten free and contains protein.

What can it do for me?

It has a low glycemic index which means it does not spike blood sugar levels. Studies show that it has health benefits for people with diabetes and those who are working towards reaching a healthy weight and lifestyle.

What can I do with it?

Coconut is very absorbent so a little bit goes a long way, it also helps to create a softer product but burns a lot quicker than most gluten free flours so be sure to keep an eye on your product. When baking with coconut flour, it works best to use an equal ratio of liquid to flour. It is a great alternative for someone who is allergic to nuts. Compared to nut flours such as almonds, coconut flour has less calories, and more fiber.

NOTE: 1 cup regular flour = 1/3 cup coconut flour

What can I substitute?

Coconut flour is a unique product and does not readily lend itself to direct substitution. If you’re not a master grain-free baker, it’s usually best to look for a recipe specifically calling for whatever flour you’re looking for, instead of trying to substitute one for another.

How do I store it?

Keep Coconut flour in an airtight container away from moisture. In the freezer it will keep for many months.