Income Opportunities: Referrals & Resellers

FamilyFood offers you real opportunities to earn an income or rewards from home, whilst doing something enjoyable and good for everyone – helping people make healthier and better food choices for a better quality of life – and making it affordable for them to do so.
Not many businesses offer people something they actually need (truly tasty, good food) and also help them by making it affordable. It’s a win-win and you should become a proud member of our team!

How to get started:

We offer 2 easy options to earn an income. You can do both, or choose one which suits you best

Option 1: Referrals

1. This is the easiest and lowest risk opportunity. You do not have to buy anything or spend one cent of your money. You will not get rich overnight but you can grow this into a very good income. 

Simply refer your friends, family, social and work connections to our website using email, whatsapp, social media etc. (this is called being an “affiliate”) You can also use a blog or newsletter or any other means of communication, as long as you are able to somehow get your link to your target audience. There are no restrictions.

You will receive a very good commission on any orders placed by people you referred, as well as their future orders. Once they have placed one order, you will continue to be paid your commission on all their future orders.

We cannot make it any easier. Zero risk as we do not want your money. There is no limit to what you can earn.

You can work any hours, from anywhere. All you need is access to email, social media or whatsapp, whichever you prefer.

To get started, register as an affiliate.

Once you have registered as an affiliate we will send you your unqiue “affiliate link” This is what you send to or share with others when you make them aware of FamilyFood.

This link will tell our systems you sent them, when they click on your link to visit FamilyFood and place their order. They only need to use your link ONCE, after that you are automatically paid your commission when they order, every time they order, even if they do not use your link. (your affiliate code is embedded in their account and they cannot change it)

You do not keep products in stock to sell, except for a few samples to show (samples are optional but highly recommended).

Option 2:


You can order products at wholeale prices once you have registered as a reseller. All you need to do is to create an account and then email us requesting we upgrade your account to a reseller so you can access the wholesale pricing.

The minimum order value is R1500 per order to qualify for wholesale. If your order is less than R1500 we will not process the order at wholesale prices, even if you pay.

You are free to resell at any price.

You can order stock to resell and you can also take orders and payments from customers which you can then combine and send to us once a week or whenever you wish. We will send the prodcts to you and your customers can collect from you. Never try to do deliveries as well, the cost will destroy your business.

We suggest you order just a few products for your own use and to show them to your friends, family and anyone who may become your customers. This is optional but we recommend you do so. If you have a few products as samples to show, this will give everyone an opportunity to see the quality of the products. Because you are using the products yourself, it will also give them the confidence to buy or order.

General Information:
Healthier food is a great business opportunity. Everybody is realizing that our health depends on what we eat. One of the biggest challenges for most is affordability. You have the unique advantage of being able to refer customers to affordable, top quality, health foods. We all have to eat and we have to do so all the time so you are virtually assured of repeat business from which you will benefit again and again, every time one of your customers orders.

We reserve the right to decline or revoke your affiliate status.