How this works


FamilyFood brings you excellent quality products at excellent prices.

Our commitment is to always provide you with exceptional value – unlike at the shops and supermarkets, at FamilyFood you do not have to wait for a sale to get real value.

We keep prices down by eliminating everything that drives prices up – We cut out and bypass everyone who usually makes money out of the food you buy in the stores – the wholesalers, distributors, warehouses, logistics, etc and we eliminate virtually all the expenses you are paying for when you buy from a shop or supermarket, their incredibly expensive rent, salaries etc – all of which adds to the price you pay.

We never compromise on quality. Never. 

We guarantee you will always get excellent quality products at excellent prices.

How to order:

Our website shows our current product ranges and prices for you to order from.

Once you have completed your order you can make payment by card or EFT during the checkout process. We use the PayFast payment gateway to keep your card payment secure and encrypted.

Your card details are never disclosed to us.

Sometimes a product you may have ordered will not be available, in this case we will issue you with a voucher which you can use against your next order or if all else fails, we will refund you.


Products are packed and priced to encourage you to purchase the most economical quantity you can afford to ensure you always get the best possible value. Packaging is reusable heavy duty plastic ziplock standup pouches. These pouches can be reused and recycled.


We never compromise on quality. Never. Lower prices do not have to mean lower quality. Not ever.

We keep our prices low by being efficient and using innovative solutions to keep prices down. FamilyFood serves the clever consumer who understands that only by eliminating everything that drives prices up can we keep them down. No fancy shops in fancy malls for which you end up paying. We buy in bulk. We buy directly from the source. We don’t use fancy packaging (which you pay for and then throw in the bin) We buy on order. All of this adds up to save you big bucks.

The exact same products you pay premium prices for at supermarkets or health shops are now available to you at prices you can afford (and will probably find hard to believe).

Help us to help you by telling your family and friends about us.

Become an affiliate:

An affiliate is someone who earns an income by making others aware of FamilyFood through email, social media, friends etc. We pay an affiliate a very nice commission on every order from someone they sent to us. Affiliates do not buy or sell anything so there is absolutely no risk involved or money required. You can work from home or anywhere else, part-time or full-time.

Should you be interested in becoming an affiliate, earning an income with other benefits, please register here.   You only need to register as an affiliate and refer friends, family, social connections and customers to earn an income. You do not spend any money and there is no risk of getting stuck with stock you cannot sell. There is no safer and simpler way to earn an income from the comfort of your own home. Our goal is to have affiliates in every town in South Africa. Join us today and start earning an income!

Your favourite cause:

FamilyFood offers any cause you really care about the opportunity to earn an income as well. Charity, church, school, sport, social, animals it doesn’t matter what. Don’t worry, this is not about asking you to donate!

It’s really simple, just make them (the cause you wish to support) aware of us so they can register as an affiliate to benefit from this program. It’s that easy.

If they need help or have questions just email us on